Play in a Day - It's All Greek to Me!

Date: 30th Jun 2016 @ 9:12am

On Wednesday 29th June, Class 4 entertained the rest of the school with their performance of It's All Greek to Me! This was a play they had learned, without a script, in just one day. It was packed full of historical facts about the Ancient Greeks and the children learned to refine their drama skills too. They had a brilliant time with their learning.

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Charley wrote:

I really enjoyed Play in a Day because it was very funny and I learnt some tips for Midsummer Nights Dream!

Tilly wrote:

Play in a day was amazing! It was really fun and I enjoyed the whole day.

Cara wrote:

I thought it was amazing Jeff was very very funny. We got to act out really funny things and play lots of good games.

Izzy luckraft wrote:

It was really funny and I loved being part of it. This was an amazing experience and I enjoyed it.

Lillia Banks wrote:

I thought that the play in a day was packed with humorous comedy. It was funny and had educational facts. Most of us wouldn't normally stand up in front of other so this brought our confidence up to a level were we could sing a solo in front of a grand audience. I want to say a big thanks to Jeff for helping us produce a brilliant poformance.

Sarah Banks wrote:

Lil, you were a star babe. I was so proud you got there and did a solo! ❤️ Mum xx

Ben Banks wrote:

Play in a day was very funny and also very helpful, it helped us learn new skills.Thank you Jeff for helping us.

Sarah Banks wrote:

Ben, you were brill kid. Awesome loud voice! ❤️ Mum

Bo wrote:

The play in a day was really funny and made all of us laugh. It was a great experience and I especially liked it when we performed in front of the whole school. This has brought me confidence and good acting skills that I can use in our play a Midsummer Nights Dream.

Daisy wrote:

I liked Play in a Day because we acted out lots of funny scenes and it also taught us about Greek thank you Jeff for helping us.

Jasmine wrote:

Play in a day was amazing it made my voice go a lot louder Jeff was great he helped us a lot.

Hugh Nixon wrote:

Play in a day was really good.We enjoyed practising and preforming it and everyone enjoyed watching it.

Tyler Hutton wrote:

I thought 'Play in a Day' was brilliant. Thanks to Jeff, he helped me boost my confidence. I would like Jeff to come in to school again. Well worth the money!

Harry wrote:

Really awesome loved it when Tilly had to say "Come here tiger!" Super funny. Loved Jeff as well really funny instructor.

Andrew wrote:

Play in a day was awesome. It was so funny we all loved it. Jeff was so funny

Grace wrote:

A Play in a Day was really funny and I enjoyed doing it.I have built my confidence for Midsummer Nights Dream.I would love to do it again.

Hannah wrote:

I think that a play in a day was epic. Jeff was an amazing help it was good value for money and I hope Jeff can come in and do another play in a day. I think my voice has got a lot louder. There were a lot of hilarious comedy parts in the play and Jeff gave us all the same amount of words to say. It was AWESOME.

Natasha wrote:

Play in a day is the best performance I have ever taken part in! I liked it so much because it was amazingly funny and superbly funny. I loved everything about it!

Ben Marriott wrote:

This play was a hilarious mix-up of comedy and learning. This was without a doubt the best play I have ever been in. We were biting our lips trying not to laugh.

Ebony wrote:

Play in a day was an hilarious comedy and great fun it was astonishing I thought it was going to be hard because we had no scrips but was actually it was quite easy and really EPIC! Are class are doing a play and after Jeff helping us with that preformance I can tell that are class are going to do fab.By the way the guy whom helped was called Jeff.Also Jeff gave us some hilarious jokes and cool tips it was awesome he told us what to say but not actually on the real preformance.Jeff and Mrs Corradine chose such an amazing,extrodanary and educatinal play so I just want to say a big thank you to the both of you.I wish that it would never end!! I learnt an awful lot and how to project my voice and it was worth every penny of the money.Thank You

Sarah Banks wrote:

I came to watch the performance and was blown away. I feel really proud of all the guys. I laughed from start to finish. Even learned a few things myself! Well done everyone. X