FotS Information Page

Welcome to our FotS Page.  Here you will find information on all events throughout the year that FotS will be organising. There is Diary of Events to help plan which you would like to help with or just come along and supportThe minutes of all the AGM's are also available for you to look through.  It will help you to see where all the funds raised are being spent and how they are helping your children.

Don't forget to come along to our AGM at 6pm on Wednesday 4th October 2017. We are recruiting for a number of committee positions and would love your input and enthusiasm! Here is a brief outline of what the various committee members are responsible for;


Chairs all meetings,

Liaises with secretary for each agenda,

Correspondence with the school is by the secretary or chairperson.

Vice chair

Deputises for the Chair when required

Supports the chairperson


Correspondence with the school is by the secretary or chairperson,

Keeps minutes of each meeting which are dated and signed by the chairperson & secretary,

Keeps all FOTS phone numbers to send reminders of meetings & upcoming events,

Correspondence with Insurance, NPC etc.

Raffle corespondences


Accounts to be finished for year end 31st August,

Gives copies to current members of the FOTS Committee,

Gives copy of accounts at each PA meeting,

Maintains receipts for money collected and paid out.

Responsible for cheque book and payments

Banking and float for event

Publicity /website

Creates posters tickets and flyers for events

Produces newsletter

Maintains website and facebook page


Please remember to keep using Easy Fundraising when shopping, we can raise funds just through your usual shopping trends!

 Keep shopping and raising those funds, thanks!

Please join our Facebook page Great Budworth Fots to keep up to date with events and notices.





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