Governor Committees

Our Governing Body is divided into committees, each with its own remit, who report back to the full Governing Body at meetings held at least once a term.  The committees are;

Curriculum Committee is responsible for the curriculum offered to children and issues of welfare, such as safeguarding, behaviour and attendance.  Health and safety, SEN, attainment and progress and the ethos of our Church School are also considered within the remit of this committee.

Finance Committee is responsible for setting the school budget and monitoring its implementation by the Headteacher.

Premises Committee is responsible for the maintenance and development of the children's learning environment and recreational facilities, including associated health and safety issues.

Personnel and Pay Committee is responsible for the staffing structure, pay and other personnel issues.  They also form the Admissions Committee which reviews the Admissions Policy annually and deals with admissions issues such as size of the yearly intake.

There are also appeals committees, which hear appeals against decisions made by the Governing Body or the Headteacher, such as Admissions Appeals, Pay, Staff Dismissal and Pupil Discipline.



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