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As with all schools, our Governing Body is made up of a group of individuals from various sectors of the community, who volunteer their time to work with the school.  The Governing Body welcomes comments, suggestions and ideas from parents, pupils and the local community.  If you wish to meet with one of the Governors, please phone the school office on 01606 891383 or write to  The Chair of the Governing Body, c/o The School Office, Great Budworth Church of England Primary School, School Lane, Great Budworth, Cheshire, CW9 6HQ

Details of our Governors are currently being updated and more information will be added soon.

Mrs Hilary Brudenell - Local Authority Governor and Chair of Governors

Currently serving on Finance, Premises (clerk), Personnel and Performance Management committees.  Appointed by the LA, term of office ends 18/03/2017.  Specific responsibility for Arts and Governor Development.  "I have been a governor at the school for the past six years, nominated by Cheshire West and Chester Council. I am currently Chairman and as such attend all Committee meetings. My career has been largely in the world of Education, its buildings, staff, quality and finally as a Director at Mid Cheshire College in Hartford. These roles have all contributed to my capacity to help Great Budworth go from strength to strength over the recent years and into the future."

Mr Andrew Robins - Associate Governor

Currently serving as Chair of the Finance Committee and on the Premises Committee.  Appointed by the school, term of office ends 21/10/2019.  Specific responsibility for IT and the website.   "I've been a resident of Great Budworth since 2008.  Having served as a Governor since 2011, I've watched and supported as the school has grown under the leadership of Mrs Finney, both in terms of number of pupils but also in the enriching environment it provides.  Becoming a Governor is a fantastic way to share your life and career experience (mine being in Financial Services Technology) for the benefit of our children and I would always urge parents to consider what skills and knowledge they can bring in this way.  In my 5 years as a Governor I've served at a time of considerable change in the educational environment and appreciate the considerable pressures this brings.  However, as a parent I always expect our school will do the very best for our children and I believe the best way to do this (whether a Governor or not) is always to approach matters in a supportive and constructive way, trusting in the professionalism of the staff whom I know strive all the time to see our children succeed and our school go from strength to strength.

Rev Alec Brown - Foundation Governor

Currently serving as Chair of the Personnel Committee and on the Premises Committee.  Ex-officio Governor and also serving as Ex-officio Governor at Antrobus Church of England Primary School.  Specific responsibility for Safeguarding.   "Known to the children as Mr Vicar, I been an Ex-officio Governor since my appointment as vicar of Great Budworth in 2001.  I have served as the Chair of Governors three times, but am now very happy to be a member of the Governing Body.  I have a particular interest in Collective Worship, Religious Education and general relations between the school, the church and the wider community."

Mrs Teresa Nixon - Foundation Governor & Vice Chair of Governors

Currently serving as Chair of the Curriculum Committee and on the Personnel Committee (clerk).  Diocesan appointed Foundation Governor, term of office ends 01/09/2021.  Specific responsibility for Foundation Stage.  "I became a Governor when my oldest child joined the school in 2009 and currently serve on the Personnel Committee and as Chair of the Curriculum Committee.  My earlier career background within recruitment and HR in the Financial Services industry has provided me with valuable knowledge and experience that is useful in this role.  I am a mother to our three boys and love sewing and running our smallholding.  As a family, we are active members of St John's Church, Hartford, where I run the Mothers and Toddlers group on a voluntarily basis.  I also work part time at the church as the Children's Outreach Worker.  This involves working with the preschools, nurseries and primary schools in our parish, inviting them into our church and taking the church into their schools.  I am passionate that children of all ages have an opportunity to learn Biblical truths and have enjoyed the challenges as a Governor of a faith school to ensure that our Christian ethos shows through, not just in Collective Worship, but in all aspects of the life of the school."

Miss Bev Harding - Foundation Governor

Currently serving on the Finance Committee.  Appointed by the PCC, term of office ends 01/09/2017.  Specific responsibility for Literacy.  "In my role as a Business Intelligence Manager for Children, Families and Adults in a local authority I have a wealth of knowledge around educational development and monitoring together with Safeguarding in a school environment.  Prior to this I spent 10 years working in commercial banking supporting companies and schools with the management of their finances.  I passionately believe that everyone has the right to free education and that a happy and positive experience in school from an early age is the key to unlocking individual achievement.  I hope that in my role as a governor I can help to ensure that all the children that come to Great Budworth have access to a great education and fulfil their own ambitions."

Mrs Rachel Corradine - School Governor and Deputy Head Teacher

Currently serving on Curriculum Committee.  Appointed by the school, term of office ends TBC.  Rachel was appointed a school governor in 2017.

Mrs Sandra Finney - Head Teacher

"I qualified as a teacher in 1986 and have been teaching ever since, mainly in small schools in and around Mid-Cheshire. I was appointed Headteacher here in January 2010 and feel proud and priviledged to be part of such a strong, forward thinking Governing Body. In 2012, Ofsted judged the leadership and management of this school to be outstanding. Together with staff, parents and children we have moved from a school fearing for its future to a school almost at full capacity with new classrooms, new technology and a new secure future."  Disclosure - spouse is a Building Contractor.

Mr Richard Elias- Parent Governor

Appointed by the school in February 2016 as a Parent Governor, Richard is currently serving on the Curriculum, Finance and Performance Management committees.  Term of office end 21/10/2019.  Specific responsibility for Maths.   "I live in Great Budworth with my wife and two children who both attend Great Budworth School.  I have worked in the Financial Services and in particular Learning and Development roles for the past 15 years.  The skills and knowledge I have gained whilst working within this business sector will be useful in my role as a governor.  One of the main drivers for me becoming a parent governor is that I think it is important for parents to play a part in their children's education  and that all children are able to access the education and support they require to fulfill their potential."

Mrs Karen Hammond - Associate Governor with no voting rights.  Karen became an Associate Governor in January 2017.  I am delighted to become a  member of the Federation of Antrobus St Marks & Great Budworth CE Primary Schools Governing Board  as I have many years of experience in the world of Education in many roles. I enjoy living in Great Budworth and being part of the community; I feel that I would like to offer my support and skills to help improve the learning outcomes for our young people. Last year; I moved into the Cheshire area when I was appointed by Orbital Education as Regional Head of Schools responsible for schools in Europe and the Middle East. Prior to this and other roles in the Middle East, I worked as a School Improvement Adviser for Hartlepool Local Education Authority for more than 10 years. During this time I trained as an Ofsted Inspector. More recently, as an Education Consultant, I was part of a team involved in reviewing the impact of the British Council’s 'Connecting Classroom' programme in the Middle East and North Africa region. My specialism is Gifted and Talented education provision within schools, as well as leading on issues relating to school improvement.

Other governors are;

Rev M. Field, Rev C. Westwell, Mrs A. Bolshaw, Mr M. Hathaway, Mrs L. Rigby, Miss R. Perry.

The following Governors have resigned or come to the end of their term of office during the past few years.

Mr Steven Jennings served as a Community Governor from March 2017 until his resignation in January 2018.

Mrs Anne Whitehead served as an Associate Governor from January 2017 until her resignation in January 2018.

Mrs Lesley Hopkinson  served as a Foundation Governor until her term of office ended in September 2017.  She served on the Curriculum, Premises and Performance Management committees.

Mr Chris Holland served as a School Governor in his role as Teaching Assistant and resigned in June 2017.  He served on the Curriculum Committee.

Mr David Hiett served as a Foundation Governor and resigned in March 2017.  He served on the Premises and Finance Committees.

Mrs Jackie Daniels served as a Foundation Governor from 2013 and resigned in July 2016.  She served on the Curriculum and Personnel Committees.

Mrs Ceri Gratton-Berry served as a Parent Governor from 2008 and ended her term of office on 09/02/2016.  She served as Chair of Governors for three years and has most recently served on the Finance, Curriculum and Performance Management Committees.

Mr James Riley served as an Associate Governor from 2014, becoming a full Foundation Governor from March 2015, appointed by the PCC.  He served on the Personnel and Finance Committees.  Mr Riley resigned as a Governor in March 2016.


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