Governor Meeting Dates

As part of our collaboration with Antrobus St Mark's Church of England Primary School, the Governors of both schools have decided to hold joint committee meetings during the 2017-2018 academic year.  This will enhance their ability to work together and to better support the Head, staff and pupils in their decision making processes.

Meetings will either be held at Antrobus St Mark's (ASM) or at Great Budworth (GB).

Meetings of the schools' full Governing Body will remain separate.


Governor meeting dates for AutumnTerm 2017

Safeguarding Training (for staff with Governors invited) Wednesday 27th September at 3.45pm at GB

Premises Committee Wednesday 18th October at 3pm at ASM

Curriculum Committee Monday 6th November at 1.30pm at ASM

Personnel Committee Monday 13th November at 5.30pm at GB

Finance Committee Monday 20th November at 6pm at GB 

Full Governors Meeting Monday 27th November at 6.00pm at GB


Governor meeting dates for Spring Term 2018

Federation meeting, open to all parents and Governors Monday 22nd January at 6pm at ASM

Federation meeting, open to all parents and Governors Wednesday 24th January at 6pm at GB

Curriculum Committee Monday 26th February at 1.30pm at GB

Personnel Committee Monday 5th March at 5.30pm at ASM

Full Governors Meeting Monday 19th March at 6pm at GB


Governor meeting dates for Summer Term 2018