School Tour

Nursery Class

Our Nursery environment is spacious and the children have plenty of space to play.


Mrs Murphy works in the office, she is always ready to help.

Building of our new classroom

Less than a day to knock down our old store which has been standing for years and years! But we cant wait for our new classroom to be built.

Foundations first.

Concrete floor.

Walls and Roof.

Thermowood cladding.

Sedum roof.

Class 3

Miss Bostock and her class are busy.


Turning our hall into a dining room on a sunny day!


Once our playground was resurfaced, the School Council arranged for some new markings to be added. The FOTs did some fundraising to help pay for the markings.


During the better weather , we love to get on the field to play.


In the Spring we have a gardening club. Everyone wants to join.